Product Updates

April 2022 Release Notes: Enhanced Features and Updates

EveryPig Release Notes is our periodical update that highlights recent product enhancements we’ve made so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

Functionalities and Enhancements

  1. We put the Flagged activities Counter on the sidebar menu
  2. We Added Congenital Disease to Possible Diagnosis
  3. Made the change to weekly auto reports to report Sunday to Saturday
  4. Implemented automated daylight savings time changes to the system by adding a radio button for turning on automated time change”
  5. Ability to add male/female Genetics select to Farm Scheduling tab- Sow Units Only

Site Visit Reports Update

@Mentions added to ‘Action Plans’ and ‘General Notes’ sections

Filters have been added to the Site Visit Report Page Including:

  • Farm Name
  • Management Company
  • Manager/Person who Submitted the report
  • Date Filtering

Scheduling Enhancements

  • We added 3 note fields to the Scheduled loads page ‘Origin’, ‘Destination’, ‘Internal’
  • Added the ability transfer Loads allowing transfers from Nurseries to Wean to Finish
  • We created a new email notification template for groups based on load shipments
  • Add Links in SMS messages to Scheduling Notifications
  • We have added Load Status for Caregivers from My Schedule- ‘Pending’ ‘In Progress’, ‘Conflict’ and ‘Incomplete’.
  • In ‘My Schedule’ we updated the ability to keep filters when switching to another page in the app.
  • Added loads counter on the second row of the “Plan Worksheet Header” on the “Preview Load” page.
  • Plan statuses displayed on the second row of the “Plan Worksheet Header” on the “Find pigs” page.
  • When Unmatching or Editing a Sales Load Trucking Rates were not changing accordingly- this has been corrected.
  • We added suggestions blocks to Trucking Company, rate & rate type.
  • We corrected the Trucking Company notifications
  • Updated the system to show all Scheduling/Trucking notifications, not just first 25.
  • – We fixed the “Comment details” window added the scroll bar for scrolling when the notes are large.

Treatment Protocols

  • We added the ‘Responsible User’ – Users who will be notified when treatment protocol expires in the admin area.
  • Notification System created
  • Added the ability for Admins to add a note to each section within Treatment Protocols: ‘Treatment Protocol’, ‘Product Notes’, and ‘Dosage Note’ 
  • Added Caregiver encouragement when a Treatment Protocol is required.
  • Treatment Protocols are now available cross platform for caregivers.
  • We added a Treatment Protocols tab to Barn Sheets

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