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Our mission is to serve animals, producers, and consumers by improving animal health and increasing transparency in the food chain.

In service of this mission, we’re looking to do all that we can to help modernize the swine production industry through the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our hope is that, if we can help the industry get ahead of potential health risks, we can improve the food supply for millions of people worldwide—all that and lighten the workloads of pig producers and veterinarians alike.

As data collection within the pig production industry makes the world feel a little smaller, we hope that EveryPig can be an engine used to foster collaboration and communication across an industry with a global footprint (or hoofprint). In short, when we all work together, we build a happier, healthier industry—we want EveryPig to be a part of that progress.

Release A Revolutionary Pig Health Platform

Build a robust platform that prioritizes pig health and mitigates the spread of disease in the pig population

Released 2016

VetBot Veterinary Assistant

Release a virtual veterinary assistant: the VetBot. The VetBot supplements veterinary staff by continually monitoring farms and asking follow-up questions when necessary.

Debuted in 2019

Machine Learning

Full implementation of machine learning into the EveryPig platform.

Debuted in 2019
Chris Bomgaars Founder, CEO

“We started EveryPig because we saw an incredible opportunity to bring technology to pork producers while increasing transparency in the swine industry. To that end, we’re always striving.”

Chris Bomgaars , Founder, CEO, EveryPig, Inc.
Small & nimble

Meet our team

Chris Bomgaars Founder, CEO
Chris Bomgaars , Founder, CEO

Chris grew up in Orange City, Iowa. In 2008, he saw an opportunity to join the family pork production business. As he began to buy and raise feeder pigs, he saw the writing on the wall; it was time to go big or go out of business. The venture was a success and scaled from about 30 farms to over 350 farms and started raising over 1.5 million pigs per year (2018). As the company grew, so did the problems—from spiking death loss to sinking caregiver morale. In search of an answer to his company’s issues, Chris searched for a market solution, but none existed. That’s when EveryPig was born, a first-of-its-kind pig health and production management platform.

“We started EveryPig because we saw an incredible opportunity to bring technology to pork producers while increasing transparency in the swine industry. To that end, we’re always striving.” —Chris Bomgaars

Ed Schnabel, Director of Software Engineering

Ed comes from the Midwest and was raised on a family farm. He also served in the Military and takes many lessons learned from that experience into his current role.
Ed has extensive experience at creating and developing organizations from the ground up in top-tier companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Telecoms and Cisco for some of the most complex and largest cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and distributed networks in the world. He loves to create relationships with customers and partners as much as he loves developing the technology and services designed to help them.
He currently lives in Apex, NC with his son and loves spending his free time outdoors kayaking and fishing.

Heather Wheeler, Customer Success Manager

Heather’s passion for animals came at an early age while spending time on her family’s farm in SouthEast Texas.
Her professional experience spans 2+ decades working with growing software companies, her skills include Project Management, Software Testing, and Customer Success.
At EveryPig, Heather’s passion and focus are on helping customers to onboard and receive the most value from our software is possible.
In her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her daughter, finding new places to explore in Florida, and being outside, whether it be at the beach, camping, or off roading.

Dr. Maryn Ptaschinski, Veterinarian DVM

A veterinarian for the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD), as program manager. Ptaschinski provides veterinary technical expertise to EveryPig health-related projects and programs and serves as a subject matter expert related to livestock for EveryPig. In addition, Ptaschinski provides technical expertise for projects focused at the nexus of animal health and information technology, international capacity building and industry extension.

Dr. Jamil Faccin, Veterinarian

A veterinarian and Head Digital Media at Swine it. Faccin provides veterinary technical expertise to EveryPig and consults with customers in the Brazilian market.

Marello Camello
Marcello Camello

Distributor for Brazil

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