The easiest way to manage pork livestock production, period.

The easiest way to manage pork livestock production, period.

Collaborate, Collect Data, Track Outcomes, and Schedule Veterinary Care with our easy-to-use swine management software. No new equipment needed – Manage everything from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

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Why EveryPig:

Smarter Livestock Management

Our software makes pig farm record keeping easier than ever by providing a user friendly, all-in-one system for managing the daily operations of your swine production.

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Take Control
of your Pork Production

Sure, traditional data gathering techniques are fine for finance people. But they don’t mean a hill of beans to the realities of managing pig farms.

With EveryPig, you’re able to manage and optimize your entire operation seamlessly, right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Whether it’s inventory management, data entry and processing, or farm record keeping, our platform has you covered.

Save Time and Money

In simpler times, when herds were small, record keeping could be handled effectively with basic barnsheets. But the problems of modern production need a modern solution.

EveryPig is an all-in-one tool, delivering you real-time data straight from field workers at the farm level. It’s faster, more efficient, and more accurate than outdated paper records. With the power of technology, you can manage one or multiple farms all from one swine management platform using the phone, tablet, or computer that you already have.

Streamline Communication

Managing a whole team of workers means breakdowns in communication. EveryPig provides a transparent line of communication so your team can see and understand problem areas before they become catastrophic.

Give your company a competitive advantage with EveryPig Telemedicine. It’s the easiest way to enhance efficiencies, streamline internal communication, and improve production outcomes.

Grow Your ROI

EveryPig is the scalable tool you need to confidently grow your operation. By tapping into a telemedicine network, you’re able to do even more with fewer resources. Grow your business without expanding your team or sacrificing quality and oversight.

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EveryPig Manages Millions of Pigs (and Counting)

After more than three years of powering pork producers and veterinarians, we’ve fine-tuned digital data collection and production management. We’re committed to helping you simplify your workflow, recognize pig health issues faster, and give you the tools to help your business scale.

For Producers

Are you a pork producer looking to save on production costs? Our swine management software has everything you need to keep track of inventory management, veterinary and health services, work orders, employee operations, and more.

For Management Companies

Do you run a management company overseeing multiple farms?  EveryPig makes data entry and data processing simple on our all-in-one platform.

For Veterinarians

Are you a veterinarian looking to cover more farms in less time? Track and diagnose health updates with tools you already have in your office.

“Implementing EveryPig has significantly improved the reciprocity of our company by streamlining the communication between caregivers, field advisors, veterinarians, management and office staff. Additionally, EveryPig has provided us a convenient way to analyze data through its diversified features, which has allowed us to track and monitor treatments, pinpoint areas to improve health, manage sales and movements and much more!”

CEO, S&C Pork/Schroeder Farms
Fall In Love:

More reasons you’ll love EveryPig

Easy to use

Made to work on any device, for anyone. Even if they hate technology! Our pig software is easy to use no matter your experience level.

No New Equipment Needed

All you need is a web browser and access to the internet—it’s that simple. EveryPig is compatible with any phone, personal computer, or tablet.

Biosecurity Enhancement

Limit your biosecurity risk through telemedicine. Veterinarians can easily manage livestock health for one or multiple farms all in one secure digital space.

Less Is More

Less driving, less manual data collection, more doing. Manage your livestock records and farm operations easily with the click of a mouse or a tap on your screen.

Vets Love It

Vets are a key factor in your operation, give them the best tools available. Help your veterinarian help you with our advanced telemedicine tools and biosecurity enhancements.

24/7 Monitoring

Smart suggestions monitor your system 24/7. No need to worry about checking in: You will get an alert right from the mobile application to your phone to let you know when your operations need attendance.

Chris Tokaruk

“EveryPig collects large amounts of data and converts it into easy to use, actionable information for the entire team. Put simply, it helps producers make better decisions faster—saving pigs and money.”

Chris Tokaruk, President, Glacier Pig Management Inc.
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