Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence with real-world results.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence with real-world results.

We’ve trained our algorithms with everything we know about pork production. From there, we feed them anonymized real-world data from our customers. As it learns, we all learn, and you benefit from the results—a futuristic virtual veterinary assistant available today.

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Always Watching

Think of the algorithms as a second set of eyes that ensure you don’t miss anything.

Always Learning

Rest assured, the algorithms are keeping track of health patterns you may not be aware of.

Always Evolving

Our algorithms are continuously learning about your operation to provide you with better personalized recommendations

Always On

Algorithms never take the day off—they’re always on keeping an eye out for you.


Helping producers and vets, by
redefining what’s possible

By taking advantage of state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning and computer vision, EveryPig continues to break new ground in data-driven animal care. We use this research to deliver breakthrough veterinary assistance in our platform. And best of all, these benefits are available today, not just some plan on a whiteboard.

Mortality Predictions

Algorithms constantly monitor your system for patterns that suggest an upcoming mortality event. When a group of pigs maps to a risk pattern with high confidence, we alert you on the Farmfeed® so you can make informed treatment or mitigation decisions.

Treatment Suggestions

Treatment suggestions help your veterinary staff move to a proactive approach to medicating animals and identify risks before it’s too late. If our system detects a high-risk pattern that indicates a pig group could benefit from preemptive treatment, you’ll see a suggestion on the Farmfeed®.

Image-Based Diagnosis

As your team uploads images, the algorithms look for common patterns that correlate with known diseases. Every day you’ll see diagnosis suggestions on your Farmfeed®. Your veterinary staff can use these suggestions to make informed treatment or mitigation decisions.

Maryn Ptaschinski, EveryPig advisor

“Throughout my career, I have worked on several technology-driven solutions for animal health and production, and I can say that EveryPig‘s platform is novel and currently the only technology of its kind that is not just a concept but is a completely functional product ready for wide-scale implementation.”

Maryn Ptaschinski, DVM, Veterinary Advisor

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Predict the future—save lives

Saving pig lives not only saves money, but also helps provide a better life for the animals under your company’s care. Mortality predictions let you know of potential mortality events on the horizon so your team can prevent unnecessary deaths.

Brent Carmichael

“EveryPig provides the platform to interact with caretakers and field service personnel in real time. I’m able to look at pictures and videos while at the same time evaluating historical clinical information reported by the caretaker to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency.”

Brent Carmichael, DVM, Manager of Animal Health & Welfare, RC Family Farms
Treatment suggestions

Dedicated to the right treatment,
before it’s too late

With the amount of data generated by modern pork production operations, it’s tough to ensure every group of pigs is getting the treatments they need. Treatment suggestions are always on the lookout for patterns that indicate the need for a specific treatment—they’ve got your back.

“I can’t imagine how we would survive without the historical information and real-time data that EveryPig offers our company on a daily basis. It has become a great luxury to provide quick solutions to on-farm issues, not to mention how we have evolved from reactive to proactive as a company.”

Edan Bomgaars, Animal Health & Welfare Coordinator, RC Family Farms
Computer vision

It’s not magic.
It’s Computer Vision.

Computer Vision enables computers to identify patterns in photos in the same way a veterinarian does, and then provide appropriate recommendations—in our case, diagnosis suggestions. We’re not replacing skilled veterinarians; we’re providing tools to enable them to become even more effective. Your vets can rest easy knowing that important issues aren’t getting lost in the shuffle.

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