Frequently Asked Questions

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What about VCPR?

On March 24, 2020, the FDA suspended enforcement of portions of the federal veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR). To help veterinarians utilize telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA does not intend to enforce the animal examination, and premises visit portion of the VCPR. This change allows veterinarians to prescribe drugs and authorize the use of medications without the need to make physical on-site visits to their patients.

We already collect data on the farm using paper barn sheets. How is digital data collection better?

If your team is using paper barn sheets to record data, there’s just no way you’re able to see what is happening from moment-to-moment in your system. As a result, many significant health issues are undoubtedly going unnoticed. This blindspot is hitting your company’s bottom line in the form of death loss. Digital data collection allows you to see real-time data pouring in from all of your farms so that you can spot issues fast and make essential decisions in real-time.

My contractors and employees are not tech-savvy—how do I get them to use a digital tool like EveryPig?

We work with thousands of caregivers and field managers all over the world. Most of these users would self identify as “not tech-savvy” but have no problem using EveryPig—in our experience; your field staff won’t be any different. Our approach is simple, create easy-to-use software that doesn’t require a manual or extensive training to use. If your team is savvy enough to use paper barn sheets, they’ll be sufficiently savvy to use EveryPig. Because it’s easy to use and field staff gets their problems solved, and questions answered fast, they’ll be happy to make the switch to digital record keeping on EveryPig.

We already use software that allows us to create custom surveys—why should I switch to EveryPig?

If the product you are currently using requires you to create “Custom Surveys,” then you are probably working with “Unstructured data,” and you’re missing out on the power of structured data. Ask yourself, “how quickly do I get notified of farm-level health issues in our current data collection environment.” If you didn’t answer “immediately,” then like the majority of the industry, you’re missing a large percentage of these issues, and it’s hitting your bottom line hard. Because the data collected by EveryPig is tied to a structured database, we offer light automation and self-learning algorithms on top of it. This automation means, that when something looks out wack on a farm, EveryPig can quickly alert caregivers, managers, veterinarians, and admin users to the issue IN REAL-TIME.

Why do I care if the data we collect is “Structured” or “Unstructured”?

Unstructured data is information that does not have a rational structure that analytics software can easily read. Structured data, on the other hand, is a collection of real facts and numbers that can be processed by analytics software. Structured data allows EveryPig to process the information it receives and return actual, actionable results that your team can use to spot and respond to issues in real-time. Structured data allows your data to “talk” to you and not merely sit in an overwhelming database or dusty file cabinet. If you’re a modern pork producer, you need systematic, structured data collection.

What data does EveryPig collect out-of-the-box?

Out-of-the-box, the EveryPig Daily Checkup collects movement, mortality, medication, symptom, temperature, and water usage data. Users in the field can also enter notes, and upload photos, videos, and audio recordings. Also, EveryPig is able to push and pull data to and from other services Integrations like FAS, MetaFarms, and AP EDGE Controllers.

Will my tech team have to manage complex connections from EveryPig to our database?

No, EveryPig prides itself on providing plug-and-play barn-level data collection. Our structured data collection allows us to offer data collection solutions that out-of-the-box help you collected and track valuable real-time data. Meaning you don’t need to create custom surveys, export data to spreadsheets, or fiddle with databases to get clean, actionable data. That said, if you still want to connect EveryPig to an existing database, we do that too. What’s more, our support staff is here to ensure your tech team gets the answers and support they need fast.

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