for Management companies

Be the Hero Your Customers Need and Grow the Business You Deserve

for Management companies

Be the Hero Your Customers Need and Grow the Business You Deserve

You’re under tons of pressure managing more and more pigs for your customers—and there’s no end in sight. With EveryPig, streamline your team’s communication while spotting and responding to health issues faster than ever before. EveryPig helps make companies like yours rockstars in the eyes of your customers and even more attractive to potential new customers.

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The Old Way of Managing
Production is Limiting Growth

Customer retention depends on getting exceptional results. But if you’re relying on antiquated data collection and communication, you’re actually limiting the ROI your company can deliver. EveryPig is here to make you the best you can be.

Paper record keeping is holding you back

With paper-based record keeping you’re flying blind. By the time your production and veterinary teams hear of issues, it’s often too late. You need real-time data collection paired with modern communication channels.

You don’t know what you can’t see

You rely on field staff to be the eyes and ears of your business. The problem is, a field manager can’t be in two places at once. What’s more, geographically disparate farms mean it’s not possible for your team to be in every barn every day. You need a system that increases the coverage of individual fieldworkers.

Make the most of the time you’ve got

Even the best teams are limited to the amount of hours in one day. And of course, pig health issues don’t respect normal work hours. You need a system that monitors farms 24/7/365.

Sean Scroggin holding piglet

“EveryPig has been a game-changer from accessibility, quick response times, vet visualizations, and fast diagnoses to action.”

Sean Scroggin, Iowa Senior Production Manager, Sunterra Farms Ltd.

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Strategic Pig Command

Maximize data, do more with
less, and grow your business!

With EveryPig, you leverage the tech you’re already using to gather structured barn-level data. Cover more farms and grow your business without increasing team size.

Collect data with the tech your customers already carry with them

You don’t need to convince your customers to invest in expensive new hardware to take advantage of the latest data gathering techniques. With EveryPig, you customers use the phone in their pocket to send you real-time data.

Turn reporting to action—saving your customers a bundle

With EveryPig, your team will receive relevant, real-time accounts of problems the instant they occur. Alerts are sent directly to you and fieldworkers so that your team can respond to and solve issues faster than ever before. Improved mortality rates will be a hit with your customers.

Reinvest in your company—improve processes and the work environment

You should be focused on quality over quantity when it comes to your team. With EveryPig, a single office worker or fieldworker can be more effective. This means you’ll be able to grow your business without growing your headcount.

“As a field specialist, I’m convinced EveryPig saves pigs. It helps us provide faster responses, and gives the ability for producers to interact with field managers and vets daily.”

Tim Van Meeteren, Field Specialist, RC Family Farms
Customer relationship builder

Provide better service and
leapfrog the competition

EveryPig’s user experience makes pig management easy for your company and for customers in the field. Provide a higher level of service than the competition to set yourself apart from the pack.

Communicate with customers in real time

Never before has it been so easy to communicate with your customers. What’s more, now all of your communications are stored and available in one place!

Set detailed permissions for staff and customers

Keep every detail of your customer’s accounts secure with multi-user permissions that give access by Admin, Farm Owner, Caregiver, Manager, or Veterinarian.

Give customers access to clean organized data

All the data collected in-field is available 24/7 through Digital Barn Sheets. Meaning your team, and your customers will have the same data at their fingertips.

“I can’t imagine how we would survive without the historical information and real-time data that EveryPig offers our company on a daily basis. It has become a great luxury to provide quick solutions to on-farm issues, not to mention how we have evolved from reactive to proactive as a company.”

Edan Bomgaars, Animal Health & Welfare Coordinator, RC Family Farms
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