Save time and oversee more pigs with less effort


Save time and oversee more pigs with less effort

With EveryPig, you get the telemedicine tools you need to review, diagnose, and track outcomes with less effort—all using the technology you already have on your desk and in your pocket.

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You’re working too hard and too
long—there’s a better way

While you pride yourself on the high-quality care you provide to customers, the current way of managing customer problems isn’t up to snuff in today’s fast-paced pork production industry. You’re working too hard and too long—it’s time for a little help.

Paper record keeping isn’t cutting it

As your responsibilities have grown, keeping track of the day-to-day health of pig groups is increasingly harder. What’s more, the health records are incomplete, messy, and sometimes unavailable when you need them. What you need is digital data collection with health records available 24/7.

Traveling from farm to farm eats up all your time

You spend most of your day driving from farm to farm, putting out health fires as you go. It’s exhausting, but you do everything you can to provide a top-tier service to your customers. What you need is a way to cover more farms without having to make physical site visits.

Biosecurity is something you’d like to improve

You’re concerned about becoming a vector for infectious disease as you travel from farm to farm. But in order to provide a high level of service, you don’t see another way. What you need are telemedicine-based tools that allow you to limit on-site exposure and allow you to improve the level of care you provide.

Brent Carmichael

“EveryPig provides the platform to interact with caretakers and field service personnel in real time. I’m able to look at pictures and videos while at the same time evaluating historical clinical information reported by the caretaker to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency.”

Brent Carmichael, DVM, Manager of Animal Health & Welfare, RC Family Farms
Strategic Pig Command

Be multiple places at once—
no cloning required

You need to find a way to cover more farms with less effort while improving health outcomes. With EveryPig, you’re virtually able to be in more than one place at a time. This means you’ll be able to concentrate on the top priorities and respond faster than ever before.

Real-time health data means fast action and less driving

Use real-time data collected in the field to make fast diagnosis and treatment plans without having to make an on-site visit. Using the Farmfeed®, you’ll quickly triage issues and communicate with teammates, contractors, and customers. You’ll see healthier pigs, happier customers, and a more relaxed schedule.

Artificial Intelligence is a second set of eyes that never closes

Health issues don’t take a day off and neither does EveryPig. As data is collected from the field, smart algorithms process it and point you to potential issues. These smart suggestions are constantly learning and improving from your inputs. Finally, a smart assistant that never sleeps.

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Telemedicine improves biosecurity, putting you in control

Let’s face it, you don’t need to spend this much time on the road. Experts agree, vets should limit their exposure to animals to decrease the chance of disease spread. Telemedicine allows you to get the context you need to diagnose without the need for on-site visits.

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Maryn Ptaschinski, EveryPig advisor

“Throughout my career, I have worked on several technology-driven solutions for animal health and production, and I can say that EveryPig‘s platform is novel and currently the only technology of its kind that is not just a concept but is a completely functional product ready for wide-scale implementation.”

Maryn Ptaschinski, DVM, Veterinary Advisor
Be Prepared

Ready yourself for the next
big health crisis.

With the threat of African Swine Fever and other infectious diseases, it’s important that your business has the right tools to recognize and respond to health issues before they spread. Telemedicine gives you a biosecure way to spot issues fast and triage even quicker.

Real-time data ensures problems are spotted quickly

The data collected is available in real time, meaning you and your team will be able to spot issues faster than ever before and respond before things get worse.

Customizable light automation means you’re in control

You have full control of what’s displayed on the Farmfeed®. This means you’ll only see the most important issues happening in your system that moment.

Artificial intelligence keeps an eye out for you 24/7

EveryPig’s artificial intelligence is your second set of eyes, always on the lookout for things you might have missed. You can rest easy knowing that nothing will be overlooked.

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“Before EveryPig, a caregiver might have hesitated to contact us when they noticed a low prevalence of symptoms or mortality. Now, the caregiver simply reports what they see, and our team engages them—asking questions using FarmFeed mentions and determining whether to dispatch a vet. The caregiver hears the message that their observations in the barn matter, that their role is important to the success of our operation.”

Megan Roos, Vice President & General Counsel, RC Family Farms
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