Site Visit Reports for the modern era

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Site Visit Reports for the modern era

Do away with the necessary but messy compliance paperwork your company is required to collect periodically for each farm. Our Site Visit Reports help your business save money and collect cleaner, more actionable compliance data.

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Eliminates Paperwork

Reduce paperwork with digital Site Visit Reports accessible right from your phone, 24 hours a day.

Saves Time

Eliminate manual data gathering with EveryPig’s integrated suite of digital data gathering tools.


Daily checkup reminders help ensure compliance issues don’t fall through the cracks.

Easy to Use

Even those who don’t like technology will have no problem using EveryPig Site Visit Reports.


Track compliance issues easier and automate the follow-up

Limited resources and messy compliance paperwork lead to issues falling through the cracks. And let’s face it, your company is already stretched thin. With digital Site Visit Reports, you can leverage the smartphones your field managers already carry to gather structured Site Visit Report data. What’s more, our automated caregiver follow-up prompts ensure caregivers are reminded to make necessary repairs.

Ensure better follow-through

When a field manager flags an issue for follow-up, caregivers and farm owners receive notifications and automated prompts to fix the problem, ensuring better caregiver follow-through.

Track results effortlessly

Automation lets admin users easily track problem spots and keeps them up-to-date when those problems are resolved. What’s more, when issues are flagged for follow-up, we track this history and add it to subsequent Site Visit Reports.

Gather photo & video evidence

Photos and videos of on-site issues can easily be uploaded to the Site Visit Report.

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Customizable to fit your company’s needs

The Site Visit Report contains 29 commonly asked questions. As an account admin, you can arrange these questions and toggle them on and off as you see fit.

Questions cover:

  • Site maintenance
  • Feed and water maintenance
  • Environmental management
  • Biosecurity
  • Animal husbandry

Transparency breeds better compliance

As the saying goes, “you can’t fix things you don’t measure”. The EveryPig Site Visit Reports are built to ensure all stakeholders from the farm to the back office get a clear view of what’s happening on-site.

Get everyone on the same page

The EveryPig Site Visit ensures all workers associated with the farm have digital access to the Site Visit Report.

Take an action-oriented approach

Field managers can submit action plans to guide caregivers on solutions to on-site issues.

Effortlessly access data

A full Site Visit Report history is available from the EveryPig platform. This fact ensures caregivers, field managers, and company admins stay up-to-date on compliance history and know what to look out for in the future.



Like all your data in EveryPig, you can download the Site Visit Report as a PDF as needed for compliance purposes.


Go fully digital

EveryPig Integrations allow you to leverage the data you’re already collecting with other systems. Setup is fast and easy—with a few clicks, you can create an automation that pulls data into EveryPig or pushes data to other platforms.

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