THE DAILY CHECKUP | Daily Data Collection for Farms

The easiest way to collect barn-level data period.

THE DAILY CHECKUP | Daily Data Collection for Farms

The easiest way to collect barn-level data period.

Why switch to digital farm data collection? The Daily Checkup gives you everything you need to gather pig health data, photos and videos, and communicate with your team. EveryPig offers extensive pig data collection tracking for farms of all sizes.

EveryPig increases your team’s efficiency by centralizing communication and data collection. With EveryPig, you’re in control. All your data is in one place, you can see inside your barns, and you can communicate with your team.

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Our swine daily checkup software is

Easy to Use

Even those who reject tech will have no problem using the EveryPig Daily Checkup.

Saves Time

Digital Checkups are easier to record, eliminating manual data gathering altogether.


The Daily Checkup uses industry-standard pig health questions.


The Daily Checkup allows caregivers to upload audio, video and photos.


Collect better data
with just a phone?—yup.

Limited resources mean you don’t have the cash to invest in expensive farmer data collection hardware. With EveryPig, you leverage the smartphones your caregivers already carry to gather structured barn-level data.

Collect Structured Health Data

Now you’ll be able to collect clean structured health data including movement, mortality, symptom, and treatment data. Our swine health monitoring software will make paper records a thing of the past.

Photos & Videos from inside the barns

Photos and videos from inside the barns can easily be uploaded to the Daily Checkup. Veterinarians can review these files to offer diagnoses right from the EveryPig platform.

Everything is plug-and-play

Out-of-the-box, EveryPig is ready to start collecting farm data. You don’t have to create surveys or download and install software. EveryPig runs right in the browser of almost any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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spotty internet connection?—no problem

We’re working even when the internet isn’t

We know not every farm has a perfect high-speed internet connection. That is the reason we created Offline Mode. With Offline mode, you can submit a swine Daily Checkup even when you don’t have good coverage.

plays nice with others

Connect easily to the software and hardware you already use

EveryPig Integrations allow you to leverage your swine data collection with other systems. Setup is fast and easy. With a few clicks, you can create an automation that pulls data into EveryPig or pushes data to other platforms.

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Dylan Majerus holding pig

“EveryPig has become the most useful tool in my opinion for fast communication from farm to vet. Being able to have all farm information in one location is great!”

Dylan Majerus, farm owner & caregiver

And that’s not all!
What else can EveryPig do for you?

Create Custom Surveys

Need to periodically survey your caregivers? We’ve got you covered with custom surveys.

Track Water Usage

An important indicator of pig health, we help you keep an eye on water usage.

Keep Track of Temps

Are the pigs comfortable? Temperature tracking lets you ensure the piggies are sleeping in ideal conditions.

Caregiver Check-ins

If you’ve ever wished it was possible to track who’s been at which farm and when—we’ve got a tool for that.

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