the Farmfeed®

The virtual hub of your entire operation.

the Farmfeed®

The virtual hub of your entire operation.

Relevant information is key to production optimization—give your team the data they need to make better pig health decisions. With the Farmfeed®, you’ll get better results without increasing your headcount.

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Like Second Nature

Only basic knowledge of the internet is required to use the Farmfeed®.

Saves Time

All the trouble spots in your operation are conveniently collated in one easy-to-use spot.

Always learning

Smart suggestions have your back—and they’re always learning about your operation, giving you the most up-to-date information.

Never Sleeps

The Farmfeed® is powered by algorithms that never take the day off—they’re always on, keeping an eye out for you.


Visit all of your farms every day—
no traveling required

The Farmfeed® gives veterinarians and production teams the context they need to make better decisions 24 hours a day. From historical data, to in-barn photos and videos, to vital communication—you’re empowered to optimize every part of your pork production operation, all from one simple platform.

You’re in control

For the first time you’ll be able to use structured health data collected by EveryPig to give your team true telemedicine. Forget about constant traveling between farms—you’ll now have everything you need in your pocket.

See inside the barns

Photos and videos from inside the farms give your team insight into the situation on-site. Veterinarians can review these files to offer diagnoses right from the Farmfeed®.

Stay in-touch with your team

Efficient communication is key to a successful pork production operation. The Farmfeed® provides your team with built-in commenting and the ability to mention specific people so you can be sure the right eyes see the right message.

Seeing is believing

Diagnose pigs with confidence in-app

It’s not enough that you can see exactly what’s going on inside the barns. You need the ability to diagnose pigs, send the data to fieldworkers, and save diagnoses to a historical database—we’ve got you covered.

“Before EveryPig, a caregiver might have hesitated to contact us when they noticed a low prevalence of symptoms or mortality. Now, the caregiver simply reports what they see, and our team engages them—asking questions using FarmFeed mentions and determining whether to dispatch a vet. The caregiver hears the message that their observations in the barn matter, that their role is important to the success of our operation.”

Megan Roos, Vice President & General Counsel, RC Family Farms

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And that’s not all! Our system is…


Take total control of what you see on the Farmfeed®. Set thresholds, create filters, and watch your efficiencies grow.


Create custom filters that allow you to view only the data that is relevant to the task at hand.


Diagnose pigs right from the Farmfeed® and proceed confidently that the information is delivered to the right people.


Share important Farmfeed® events with teammates to get a second opinion.

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