DIGITAL Barn Sheets

Ditch the filing cabinet. Digital records are here.

DIGITAL Barn Sheets

Ditch the filing cabinet. Digital records are here.

You can say goodbye to manual data gathering for good—our Barn Sheets record all production information digitally. Best of all, your data is easily exportable.

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Eliminates Paperwork

Paper barn records are made redundant with Digital Barn Sheets accessible right from your phone, 24 hours a day.

Saves Time

Your operation shouldn’t waste another second collecting and filing barn record paperwork—let us help with that.

Powerful Insights

Barn Sheets give you the data you need surrounding a farm or group and present it visually so you can make fast decisions.

You Own The Data

The data collected using EveryPig is yours to keep—we make it easy to export all data you collect.

your digital database

A perfect picture
of health—paper-free.

All the data your team collects is stored to Digital Barn Sheets including movement, mortality, treatment history, water usage, temperature, and diagnosis data. All that and photos and videos too, all from inside the barns.

Actionable Data Storage

What good is collecting data if it’s not where you need it, when you need it? With Digital Barn Sheets, your data is always at your fingertips. What’s more, the data collected is automatically visualized for you.

Treatment Tracking

Treatment data has long been difficult to keep track of, especially on a system level. With Digital Barn Sheets, your team has instant access to the most up-to-date treatment data at the farm and group levels.

Water Usage Tracking

Water usage is an important, if overlooked part of the pig-health equation. Our Digital Barn Sheets keep track of this essential data for you. What’s more, the data is automatically visualized for you.

Diagnosis History

Forget storing diagnosis data on shared drives or on paper records. Store every diagnosis submitted by veterinarians straight to the group-level Digital Barn Sheet for easy access.

Pig Movement Data

Every movement on and off a farm or group is stored on the Digital Barn Sheet for instant access. You’ll have important movement data at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

Photo & Video Gallery

When something goes wrong on the farm, visual evidence is key. All photos and videos uploaded to a group are stored on the group and farm level for 24 hour access.

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audit Approved

Data perfectly formatted for auditing purposes.

Auditing agencies love EveryPig’s clean structured data. It’s never been easier to export group-level data.

Brent Carmichael

“EveryPig provides the platform to interact with caretakers and field service personnel in real time. I’m able to look at pictures and videos while at the same time evaluating historical clinical information reported by the caretaker to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency.”

Brent Carmichael, DVM, Manager of Animal Health & Welfare, RC Family Farms


Never before has it been so easy to track and control antibiotic usage at the farm and group levels. With Digital Barn Sheets, you can quickly access treatment data and track antibiotic withdrawal from anywhere, 24/7.

“I can’t imagine how we would survive without the historical information and real-time data that EveryPig offers our company on a daily basis. It has become a great luxury to provide quick solutions to on-farm issues, not to mention how we have evolved from reactive to proactive as a company.”

Edan Bomgaars, Animal Health & Welfare Coordinator, RC Family Farms

Water usage—visualized

Experts agree, water usage is an important indicator of pig health. Imagine having water usage visualized at the group level without having to lift a finger.

Maryn Ptaschinski EveryPig Advisor

“Throughout my career, I have worked on several technology-driven solutions for animal health and production, and I can say that EveryPig‘s platform is novel and currently the only technology of its kind that is not just a concept but is a completely functional product ready for wide-scale implementation.”

Maryn Ptaschinski, DVM, Veterinary Advisor
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