for producers

Fuel Growth with Insights into Your Production Operation

for producers

Fuel Growth with Insights into Your Production Operation

Identify health issues effortlessly, and respond faster than ever. Efficiently manage caregivers, field managers, and veterinarians—all from your phone or computer. EveryPig gives you all the tools you need to confidently expand your operation.

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The Old Ways of Managing
Production Are Over—And That’s a
Good Thing

You work tirelessly to deliver year-over-year growth by squeezing efficiencies out of old processes, production teams, and antiquated technologies. But there are roadblocks limiting your results. EveryPig provides a modern, simple approach to production that even the most set-in-their-ways producers can get on board with.

Management headaches mean important issues fall through the cracks

Your current data collection and communication techniques are outdated. By the time your production and veterinary teams hear of issues, it’s often too late. You need real-time data collection paired with a modern communication tool.

You’re having trouble finding & retaining good veterinarians

With the veterinary shortage, good vets are hard to find and keep happy. What’s more, the day-to-day stresses of the job mean veterinarian burnout is a real concern. EveryPig is a tool that gives your current vet staff superpowers while reducing common job stresses.

You want to grow but your team doesn’t have the resources

Chances are your back-office staff spends a lot of their time hand-entering data, running reports, calling fieldworkers, and other day-to-day drudgery. Wearing that many hats is exhausting—the EveryPig platform automatically handles data collection, storage, reporting, and gives your team modern communication tools.

“When we jumped onto the EveryPig platform, we expected to dramatically improve our response time to on-farm health issues. And we have. What we didn’t expect was how much the platform would improve caregiver engagement.”

Megan Roos, Vice President & General Counsel, RC Family Farms

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Strategic Pig Command

Simplify data collection, give
vets superpowers, and grow
your business!

With EveryPig, you leverage smartphones and computers to gather structured barn-level data. The real-time data collected by your fieldworks is instantly sorted, validated and delivered to production and veterinary teams for review. Finally, you’ll have time to concentrate on building your business.

Better data collection—no fancy equipment required

You’ll be able to collect clean structured health data including Movement, Mortality, Symptom, and Treatment Data. You can forget about paper barn records—we’ve got you.

Visit all of your farms every day—no traveling required

The Farmfeed® gives veterinarians and production teams the context they need to make better decisions 24 hours a day. From historical data, to in-barn photos and videos, to vital communication—you’re empowered to optimize every part of your pork production operation, all from one simple platform.

Continually Grow Your ROI—you got this

Finally, you’ll have the confidence to grow your operation. With the old way of managing pigs, employee and contractor burnout is a real issue. Telemedicine gives your team the power to do more with fewer resources. Meaning for the first time, you can grow your business without increasing team size and have the confidence your operation is fully under control.

“I can’t imagine how we would survive without the historical information and real-time data that EveryPig offers our company on a daily basis. It has become a great luxury to provide quick solutions to on-farm issues, not to mention how we have evolved from reactive to proactive as a company.”

Edan Bomgaars, Animal Health & Welfare Coordinator, RC Family Farms

Be prepared for every single
health challenge.

With the threat of African Swine Fever and other infectious diseases, it’s more important than ever that your business has the right tools to recognize and respond to health issues before they spread. Telemedicine gives you a biosecure way to spot issues fast and triage even quicker.

Real-time data ensures problems
are spotted quickly

The data collected is available in real time, meaning you and your team will be able to spot issues faster than ever before and respond before things get worse.

Customizable light automation means you’re in control

You have full control of what is displayed on the Farmfeed®. This means you’ll only see the most important issues happening in your system right now.

Artificial intelligence keeps an eye out for you 24/7

EveryPig’s artificial intelligence is your second set of eyes—always on the lookout for things you might have missed. You can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked.

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Brent Carmichael

“EveryPig provides the platform to interact with caretakers and field service personnel in real time. I’m able to look at pictures and videos while at the same time evaluating historical clinical information reported by the caretaker to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency.”

Brent Carmichael, DVM, Manager of Animal Health & Welfare, RC Family Farms
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