The MetaFarms FINISH Integration

MetaFarms is the information platform for agriculture that allows you to measure and manage your production performance.

FINISH is integrated with MetaFarms’ SOW, SALES, and INSIGHTS providing ​a foundation for a cloud-based system. FINISH is a program for tracking your grow-finish (nursery, finish, and wean-to-finish) operations for both active group and closeout performance. All of the aspects of production are tied together with industry data integrations (like EveryPig) and mobile apps.

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When connected, EveryPig pushes mortality data nightly via an application programming interface (API) to MetaFarms FINISH. This integration ensures MetaFarms FINISH has the most up-to-date data possible—saving you time and money.

Note: Setting up this integration may require communication with the MetaFarms team.

Note: You must have an Admin level role to access the admin panel on EveryPig. If you need an Admin role, contact the person in your company responsible for setting up and managing EveryPig.

Setup Overview:

  1. Find Integrations in Your Admin Panel
  2. Enter Your MetaFarms Login Credentials
  3. Enter Your Mortality Reason Code
  4. Connect or Disconnect from the MetaFarms API

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Brian Parker

Our industry is riddled with disparate data platforms causing inefficient use of human resources that are prone to errors. System integrations, if done properly, not only reduce data integrity errors but seamlessly replace manual tasks allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Brian Parker, COO, MetaFarms
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