A Step by Step Guide to Survival in the Pork Industry in 2023

The pork production sector stands as one of the most complex, demanding and nuanced fields in the world today. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the industry or a newcomer looking to carve out a niche for yourself, the path to survival and success in the pork industry is far from straightforward. In this guide, we’ll explore the critical steps for not only surviving but to thrive in the pork processing industry. 

Understand the Playing Field 

Before we can dive deep into operations, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape. 

Consider factors like: 

  1. Major pork producing countries and their influence on global prices: i.e. China
  2. Trends in pork consumption in your country
  3. The impact of trade policies, tariffs and regulations in your area: i.e. California’s Proposition 12 

Importance of Education and Training 

Continuous learning is crucial to success in any business, and the pork industry is no exception. Whether it’s understanding animal husbandry, genetics, or new farming techniques, investing in education can offer a competitive advantage. 

Programs like SwineWeb’s Swine 365 and the SwineIt Podcast can help you understand pork industry issues and stay up to date with industry innovations and trends while you’re driving from farm to farm or in the barn or tractor. 

Prioritize Animal Care

The well-being of your pigs is not just an ethical responsibility, but a direct impact on the quality of the pork you produce and your bottom line. Ensure regular health checks, proper nutrition and comfortable living conditions. 

Embrace Technology 

Digital transformation is sweeping across all industries and while the pork industry has been one of the slowest to advance into the digital age; it is happening quicker than ever before. Platforms like EveryPig offer innovative solutions like digital barnsheets that are designed to streamline your operations and empower your caregivers to quickly report pig health challenges, helping save pig lives. 

Risk Management 

Pork production is a bit like gambling, and we all know it. In good times you’ll be working with tight profit margins and in the difficult times you’ll need to make tough decisions like locking in losses to limit your exposure. 

Be sure to study and stay up to date with risk management strategies that help to manage both your input costs and your revenue. This may be one of the most important and underrated keys to success in the pork industry. 

Discuss risk management with your ag-lender and don’t be afraid to contact industry specific risk management experts like Partners for Production Agriculture. 


Surviving and thriving in the pork production industry will require a blend of both traditional knowledge and habits as well as modern strategies. While the path may seem daunting, with the right approach and resources, success is within your reach.

Are you looking to dive deeper into technology that can help you overcome the prominent pork industry issues and help you be successful as a pork producer? EveryPig has got you covered.

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