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April 2020 Release Notes: API Overdrive

EveryPig Release Notes is our periodical update that highlights recent product enhancements we’ve made so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

In order to run an efficient pork production operation, you need to know all your third-party applications are functioning and talking to each other the way they should.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the release of two critical API-related features that bring peace-of-mind to customers already taking advantage of EveryPig integrations.  

API Monitoring

EveryPig API monitoring ensures you know the results of push/pull events with MetaFarms and FAS.

Now customers using API integrations with MetaFarms or FAS can receive a daily notification with a link to view the previous day’s API push/pull results. This information helps ensure data parody between EveryPig and other databases.

From the monitoring screen, you will be able to see the successful and unsuccessful push/pull results. What’s more, you can download these results to CSV, which makes auditing a snap.

Monitoring is also available via the direct URL listed below.

MetaFarms Historical Data Sync

We know that every mortality hits your bottom line, and this is why data integrity and hygiene are so important. To ensure the mortality data EveryPig sends to MetaFarms is the best it can be, we’ve released a feature that automatically pushes mortalities users input using Edit Mode to MetaFarms as part of the nightly migration. This improvement means you can stop worrying about inaccurate data when a caregiver forgets to submit a Daily Checkup and later uses edit mode to record mortalities for a previous period.

If you’re already using the MetaFarms integration, you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this new feature. The next time a user enters mortalities for a previous period, the data will automatically sync with MetaFarms during the nightly migration.

Note: this feature is available for the previous 90 day period. Edits made for a period older than 90 days will not push to MetaFarms.

Custom Survey Results Now Compliance-Ready

The custom survey results are now downloadable as part of the Barn Sheet CSV. This way, you can ensure your Barn Sheets are Compliance-Ready whenever and wherever you need them.

When you create a custom survey, user inputs are automatically available on the downloadable Barn Sheet CSV file.

Click here to learn more about custom surveys.

Additional Notes: April 

  1. We fixed the farm profile address field 
  2. We fixed a bug that prevented videos from playing 
  3. Removed case sensitivity from email inputs 
  4. We fixed a password reset email validation issue 
  5. We fixed a bug that caused images to display at 1% zoom level.
  6. We fixed a z-index issue on them dropdown menu on the media viewer. 
  7. We fixed a bug that prevented WebSockets from working correctly. 
  8. We updated the sign-in form with a loader to prevent the app from appearing to be locked up. The loader shows the user when the frontend is communicating with the backend.
  9. We updated the Estimated Average Weight algorithm to return more accurate results after users remove pigs from a group. 
  10. We fixed several frontend issues that prevented parts of the Daily Checkup from being visible on smaller viewports. 
  11. We fixed several tablet viewport layout issues on the media viewer.
  12. Solved an issue that prevented users from uploading media to a Daily Checkup in Edit Mode. 
  13. We fixed an issue that prevented a user from adding a source to a group after the group is started. 

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