EveryPig was founded in 2018 with the mission to serve animals, producers, and consumers by improving animal health and increasing transparency in the food chain. Or, as EveryPig founder and CEO Chris Bomgaars puts it, “We want to recognize health problems fast enough to save pigs’ lives.”

The company does this with a platform and mobile app that enables comprehensive data collection and real-time communication between pork producers and veterinarians to simplify pork health monitoring. Pork production, tele-medicine, and remote diagnoses from veterinarians can all be overseen in-app. The app also digitizes site-visit reports and tracks caregiver compliance, allowing pork producers to improve their efficiency by ditching paper reports.

As of 2021, the company had expanded from the US market and into Canada and Thailand, reaching a total of around 2,000 users and putting millions of pigs under its care. 

EveryPig’s solution put it on the radar of the selection team of GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021, a landing pad program designed by the Australian innovation firm Beanstalk and representatives of the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association, the Vietnam National Supporting Center for Youth’s Start-up (SYS), and the Mekong Business Innovation Challenges. 

Earlier this year, the GRAFT team was roving the world over for best-in-class solutions that could minimize the likelihood and impact of on-farm disease transmission in Vietnam’s livestock industry. Emphasis was placed on piggeries, which  typically manage nearly 20 million head per year, and have been brought to their knees in recent years by the scourge of disease. In 2019, for example, an estimated 6 million pigs – nearly one-third of the entire annual inventory – required culling to manage African Swine Fever.  

Since August, EveryPig has been receiving 1-on-1 strategic, advisory, and operational support from the GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021 program. The GRAFT team provides its cohort companies with continued tailored support, punctuated with weekly meetings, throughout the GRAFT Challenge. To give EveryPig the inside track in the Vietnamese market, GRAFT and its partners inside the Vietnam agriculture industry are working to build a strong network of trusted local partners to ease the market entry process for EveryPig.

In particular, they are seeking partners to provide Vietnamese language support for EveryPig’s trial management, onboarding, and after-sales client relations in the local market. Further, GRAFT is helping EveryPig look for Vietnamese veterinarians that can support with client queries in-market.

In October, EveryPig, along with GRAFT Industry Working Group members, demonstrated its solution to a network of Vietnamese piggery producers. This was part of a broader campaign to identify potential distributor partnerships with locally-based multinational corporations that can help EveryPig expand its operations in different Vietnamese provinces.

EveryPig’s partnership with GRAFT is the first step to the company achieving its goal of having 50% of the pigs in Vietnam under its care within the next three years. And additional markets could be within EveryPig’s reach as well. GRAFT Program Lead Justin Ahmed said that he “can’t wait” to see EveryPig build off its early regional traction in Thailand and apply its changes piggeries across “Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and beyond.”

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GRAFT is sponsored by Australia’s Aus4Innovation program to contribute to promoting the testing of new models in public-private partnerships, and strengthen Vietnam’s capacity in digital, scenario building, commercialization, and innovation policy. GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021 is an initiative designed by Australian innovation agency Beanstalk in partnership with the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association (VIDA), the Vietnam National Supporting Center for Youth’s Start-up (SYS), and Mekong Business Initiative for Innovation Challenges (MBIIC). 

About Aus4Innovation: Aus4Innovation is the AUD 13.5 million, four-year (2018-2022) flagship program to help strengthen the Vietnamese innovation system and prepare for Vietnam’s economic and digital future. It is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), managed by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in strategic collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam (MoST)./. 

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