Let technology improve swine health and optimize employees’ jobs! – Chris Bomgaars

Biosecurity Data, Data Management, Diagnosis, Telemedicine Sep 06, 2021

 Companies must embrace new technologies to tackle the swine industry problems that have existed for decades and people have just accepted.

 Chris Bomgaars

What you’ll learn:
     1. Biosecurity

     2. Telemedicine 

     3. Diagnosis

     4. Merging data

     5. Data management system

     6. Challenges with telemedicine

Meet the guest: Chris grew up in Orange City, Iowa, and in 2008, he saw an opportunity to join the family pork production business. As he began to buy and raise feeder pigs, he saw the writing on the wall; it was time to go big or go out of business. The venture was a success and scaled from about 30 farms to over 350 farms, and started raising over 1.5 million pigs per year (2018). As the company grew, so did the problems from spiking death loss to sinking caregiver morale. In search of an answer to his company’s issues, Chris searched for a market solution, but none existed. That’s when he founded EveryPig, a pig health and production management platform.

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