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October Release Notes: Positive Feedback

EveryPig Release Notes is our periodical update that highlights recent product enhancements we’ve made so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

User Encouragements

User encouragements help give credit where credit is due.

We’re happy to introduce a suite of user encouragements as part of the October EveryPig Update.

These encouragements are meant to improve internal team cohesion and support positive user activity. Below is an overview of these encouragements.

Birthday reminders improve team morale.

Birthday Reminder
Now you and your team will be reminded of teammate birthdays. Soon you won’t forget to salute your fellow team members on their special day.

User encouragements prompt veterinarians with positive feedback when they complete important actions.

Veterinarian Diagnosis Encouragements
The more diagnoses that are entered by your Veterinary team, the smarter EveryPig becomes. To encourage more diagnoses, we now help keep track of their diagnosis count and give subtle congratulations when a vet reaches certain milestones.

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.

― Phil Jackson

Barn Sheet Update

We redesigned the barn sheets to give you better access to the data you need.

We now allow you to review Farm-Level data on the Barn Sheets much the same way as you can review Group-Level data. The Farm-Level Barn Sheet now has the following convenient tabs: Treatment History, Diagnosis History, Pig Movements, and Media.

Full Release Notes: October


  1. We released a feature that congratulates users when they reach predetermined milestones. e.g., the number of media files uploaded or the number of diagnoses submitted.
  2. Now EveryPig will keep track of your and your colleagues birthdays. This feature aimed at sparking team cohesion.
  3. We’ve added a Federal Premise ID to the data admin users can save to a farm.
  4. The More menu for mobile devices was updated so that it is easier to navigate.

Barn Sheets

  1. The Farm-Level Barn Sheet now has the following convenient tabs: Treatment History, Diagnosis History, Pig Movements, and Media.
  2. We have improved the readonly daily checkup. Now the user can see what was entered on a Daily Checkup without an additional click required.


  1. We’ve added the ability to Find and Replace group names. This feature is available on the Group Admin section.
  2. The group closure user experience has been updated. Now when a group is requested closed, it remains available to users for the current day. The previous version would not allow users to complete the Daily Checkup after asking it to be closed.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that prevented users from editing notes in edit mode.
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented some users from logging in on Android 6.0.1.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented the app from switching language preference after the user completes registration.
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