EveryPig helps pork producers and veterinarians maintain social distancing

Telemedicine – For Animals


Covid-19 has made everyone aware of where they get their services, and what technology they need just to get their jobs done and find those services!

So what about farmers and their need for large animal health care – quickly.

Today more and more areas of the country face short supplies of veterinarian’s that specialize in large animals. Farm animals like cows, beef, hogs, goats – you name it!

Leaders in the swine industry recognized this challenge and turned to telemedicine as an option. The swine industry’s top telehealth platform, EveryPig, is highlighting the importance of telemedicine in minimizing exposure to and the inadvertent transmission of contagious diseases, such as COVID-19 and African swine fever. The company urged swine veterinarians and pork producers to learn more about its telehealth software that enables teams to work remotely and with added efficiency. 

“EveryPig is honored to help pork producers and vets collaborate and be productive in this challenging time where many teams are being forced to work remotely,” said EveryPig Founder Chris Bomgaars. “We have already onboarded companies raising over 6 million pigs per year since the coronavirus outbreak began, and we’d like to help as many businesses as possible to deal with this difficult situation.”

Swine veterinarians using EveryPig are able to collect secure health data from the farm level, collaborate with their caregiving teams, provide veterinary services, and track health outcomes in real time. The web-based platform can be accessed on any internet-connected device, and using an offline mode, and does not require the installation of any additional equipment..

Telehealth capabilities are especially important to veterinarians in the event of a pandemic of highly contagious zoonotic diseases that can spread from animals to humans, such as COVID-19. According to the recent statement by the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, “providing professional veterinary services to animals via telemedicine within a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) can be medically appropriate and a means to maintain social distancing.“

EveryPig’s telehealth platform offers several key advantages over in-person on-farm visits, which include: 

  • Enabling veterinarians to serve dozens of farms simultaneously by telecommuting
  • Giving pig owners a wider access to quality animal care 
  • Increasing farm biosecurity through faster disease identification and by reducing human traffic between farms.

Created specifically for the pork production industry, EveryPig is now being used by more than 1,550 pork producers and veterinarians in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. The app is currently available in seven languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and French.

About EveryPig

EveryPig is a groundbreaking management app for pig owners, producers, and veterinarians. Created by people who truly understand the challenges of pork production, EveryPig is the only software solution of its kind that helps save pig lives by recognizing health issues in real-time. An industry first, the app also employs artificial intelligence to accurately diagnose illnesses in postmortem images, forecast mortalities and provide treatment recommendations, saving vets time and improving pig health outcomes. Utilized by some of the nation’s top pork producers, the sophisticated yet easy-to-use platform supports a wide variety of business models, legacy software integration, and can be accessed on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. To learn more, visit www.everypig.com.

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