Tips For Dealing With Human Resources Challenges

One of the important responsibilities of a veterinarian is communicating with people. When talking to people, I prefer phone calls as a primary form of communication. It can help ensure that my message is understood and there’s no confusion for all parties involved. I know that the people who are engaged in the job are the main reason anything can get done, so it is pivotal that I prioritize my communication. 

People are an integral part of an organization or a business.  The organization’s human resources play an important role in the success of the business. Thus, any problem that can affect the line of communication within the organization or with any person involved in the company can have a significant impact on the business, economically and/or efficiency-wise.  

This article will take a closer at the top human resource challenges faced by the pig industry and how the different features of EveryPig® can help alleviate any human resource problem that could develop within a production system.

Human Resource Training

Training employees is one of the important challenges of human resource management. A well-trained employee possesses appropriate knowledge and skill for taking care of pigs.  Unfortunately, most of the workers in the agriculture sector don’t have an agriculture background, so this could mean an enormous chunk of time and money dedicated to employee training. 

If you are concerned about an employee’s ability to maintain records for a barn, EveryPig’s Daily Checkup® is a type of digital data collection that guides employees through what they should be looking for while doing daily chores. Daily Checkup® also allows employees to communicate with other people if needed, like veterinarians. 

Daily Checkup® offers three benefits:

  1. It ensures consistency in the employees when performing daily tasks. 
  2. It reinforces the training received by employees.

3. It simplifies communication between workers so if there is a problem within a production site, there won’t be any possibility of the problem falling through the cracks and be missed or forgotten.

Employee Compliance

Employees in the pig farm are expected to properly perform their duties as trained or instructed even when they’re not under direct or constant supervision. For a production system, this is crucial, especially when talking about packer contracts for animal health or welfare standards. 

To help troubleshoot the problem and ensure employee compliance, EveryPig’s Digital Site Visit Reports® help pinpoint areas that might need improvement, like biosecurity or animal husbandry. It also allows all employees to exactly identify where they should allocate their time. 

Employee Efficiency

The efficiency of employees in an organization is also another important challenge of human resource management. In a perfect world, a production system has well-trained employees who are consistent in performing their jobs.  Even when employees have received training or are doing great at their jobs, if they don’t know how to use their time efficiently, it can be a significant waste of time and money for the business. 

EveryPig’s Farmfeed® addresses this problem as it  contains all the information about a production system in one location. In Farmfeed®, an employee can log a Daily Checkup®, talk with production managers and veterinarians about health problems, track treatments for pigs, upload pictures and videos, and track shipment of pigs. Farmfeed® takes away paperwork, missed sickness, and poor communication – all information is in one digitalized place. With relevant information available at your fingertips, better pig health decisions can be made which can go a long way in optimizing production. 

The most significant investment in a business is the people. A company has the responsibility of taking care of its human resources – whether that is providing proper training, streamlining communication, or ensuring that employees can do tasks efficiently.

EveryPig® is a tool that companies can use to ensure that human resources don’t go to waste. When human resources are properly managed, the company can focus on other goals like addressing mortality rates or nutrition deficiencies to bring about optimum performance and better returns. 

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